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What are Online Slots?

An online slot is basically a slot machine that is played on a device such as a PC, a laptop, a tablet or a mobile device. There are just fewer than 40 software companies around the world that have developed online slot machines. There are also two main forms of online slots, including those that you can download and those that you can launch instantly without having to download. The latter can be launched through most internet browsers by using a flash player.

The oldest and most basic type of slot is the classic three reel slot. These generally have just a single winning payline but they can have up to as many as nine. Classic three reeled slots don’t usually have scatter symbols, wild symbols or bonus feature symbols and there are usually no bonus rounds to take part in.

Bonus slots or multilined video slots can have anywhere from five to nine reels and from 10 to 100 paylines. If they don’t have paylines, some software companies have developed slots that offer up to 243 different ways of winning per spin, which is fairly similar to having paylines. These bonus/video slots do generally contain Scatter symbols, Wild symbols and all sorts of other exotic symbols that can help boost your balance.

Scatter symbols are basically randomly occurring symbols that can help award prizes such as free spins. Depending on how many appear from just one spin of the reels will determine how many spins you can win. A minimum of three scatters are normally required before you are awarded any free spins. They may also have to appear in a certain position across the reels, but not always.

Wild symbols are basically symbols that can substitute other symbols on the reels in order to create a line win during regular play. They are like mirror symbols and therefore combine with other similar matching symbols to generate a win. The more complex slots occasionally have sticky wilds, expanding wilds or just plain regular wilds.

Slots are completely random with each spin of the reels. The outcomes are in fact determined by frequently tested Random Number Generators (RNG’s). Slots still continue to take up most of the room in your average online casino lobby, plus the newer generation of slots seem to keep on evolving, cementing their place not only in the history of online gambling, but also in the future of online gambling.

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