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Tips for Playing Online Slots

There are several different slot categories so the first thing you should do if you want to launch a slot is to consider the type of slot you would like to play on. You should also take into consideration your bankroll and how much you are willing to spend on a slot. Players who are low on funds should really opt for one with fewer winning paylines but this doesn’t necessarily mean you have to launch a 3 reel classic slot that has just one payline. It means that you should try to stick to a slot that has fewer than 25 winning paylines.

For example, if you are running low on funds try to avoid slots with as many as 100 winning paylines otherwise you will immediately be spending more per spin (that is if you have all of the paylines activated). If bankroll isn’t a problem, launch whichever type of slot you like the look of, but before you increase your stake you should play with a relatively low stake until you get to grips with the game and figure out the rules. You could even practice for a few spins in the free play demo mode before you start spending your own cash.

From the moment you launch the slot, check out how much the stake is set to because on most slots, the default starting cost-per-spin could be set to more than you can afford, so if you don’t adjust this stake as soon as you enter the game, you could lose your money fast. Try to keep the stake relative to your balance at all times and don’t spend more than you can afford per spin. Also be careful each time you actually hit spin because if you are not concentrating, your hand could easily slide the mouse over to the Bet Max button instead of just the spin button, which could be disastrous.

If you feel as though the slot is bleeding you dry and draining your balance, there is no need to keep playing on it just for the sake of it. Close the window and come back to it another time when it is in a better mood. This is the beauty of slots because you can open and close them as and when you please. You should also close the slot after a big win because you don’t want to end up giving all of your winnings back to that very same slot you just won from.