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Online Slots Tournaments

If you consider yourself to have quite a competitive nature and you are into your slots, what better way to indulge yourself is there than to take part in one of today’s online slots tournaments. Players can now participate in a variety of different slots tournaments that take place on a daily basis at multiple different online casinos.

The cost of a buy-in for a slot tourney varies a great deal. There are plenty of tournaments for both lowrollers and highrollers. Even if you have run out of cash, there are now several different freeroll slots tournaments, which give players the chance to win real cash prizes and are free to enter. These freerolls are only usually accessible to registered players that have already made a real cash deposit into their account at some point.

Most of the cheapest slot tournaments start from approximately $2.00. If it is a rebuy tournament, the cost of a re-buy is usually the same amount as the original buy in fee. With a rebuy tournament, you can normally rebuy as many times as you want up until a certain cut-off time.

Online slots tourneys can range from having as few as 6 players, to having as many as 1000 or more players. The tourneys with just a few players normally have prize structure where if you win, it means that you will double up or triple up. If you have entered a tournament with perhaps 100 or more people, the payout structure is likely to be more staggered and spread out.

For example, in a 500 person scheduled tournament there could be as many as 50 places paid, but obviously a top ten finish will be far more profitable than finishing somewhere between the 40th to 50th position.

An online slot tourney can last for as little as five minutes, but some can last for 24 hours. These 24 hour tourneys are ideal for the really dedicated players who are willing to spend plenty of time playing. You don’t have to be sat at the computer for 24 hours. You just have 24 hours to make as much profit as possible. You will start each slot tourney by being given X amount of chips and the aim is to try and win as many chips as possible by using these chips and by playing the slot anyway you like until the time runs out . If you manage to finish in a paid position, as soon as the tournament ends your winnings will be instantly paid out and added to your balance.

If slots tournaments aren't really your think you may be interested in trying free slots games which although don't give you any potential for winning money are still fun to play.