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Online Slots Payouts

Online slots payout winnings to players on basic percentages. This is commonly known as the payout percentage rate, or the return-to-player payout percentage. You can view the payout percentage rate of an online casino or an individual game quite easily at most sites. Some of the portals advertise their payout percentage rate on the homepage sometimes in large writing, whereas other keeps this information tucked away in their Terms and Conditions section or in their About Us section.

For many players, this percentage is crucial when deciding whether or not to sign up to that online casino, but for other players, they have never even considered this payout percentage rate. Most of today’s online casinos have an average payout percentage rate that hovers somewhere between 93% to no more than 98%.

Simply put, it means that if a casino has a 98% payout rate, the players receive 98% of the gross takings back in winnings and the casino operators will keep 2% of the total wagers (from the real cash mode). This amount is likely to fluctuate through the year, but the casino should always notify you of the current payout percentage rate. They should never hold back this information.

The casino itself may have an average payout percentage, but each individual game should also have a payout rate. You can generally click on the game info tab or the help/options tab to find out this information. Online slots also tend to have a far better payout percentage than land based slots have. This is one reason why online slots are proving to be so popular.

Although there is often a noticeable, but minor difference between these percentage rates from one online casino to the next, just 1% or 2% difference isn’t going to dramatically alter your chances of winning more or losing more as an individual player. Your chances may have slightly increased or decreased (mathematically speaking), but this actual difference is basically unnoticeable. Still, there are some players that are adamant they will only sign up to an online casino with a high payout percentage rate.

There are legitimate, industry organisations that actually monitor licensed gambling portals and test these percentages on a regular basis. If you cannot find this information anywhere on the site that you have signed up to, you should try contacting the support and asking them to find out for you.