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How to Play Online Slots

There is a little bit more involved than just pressing spin if you want to learn how to play on an online slot. It isn’t difficult to grasp the basic principles but playing in the practice mode to begin with would be the ideal way to learn how to play a slot. It doesn’t matter if it is a classic 3 reel slot or a multilined 5 reel slot with special features, you should really take a couple of minutes to read the rules for each individual slot, prior to launching it.

First you must take into consideration your balance and how much you are willing to spend. Also, how much time do you want to spend playing on the slot? Do you want to try and make your money stretch for as long as possible or are you just looking for a quick five minute thrill.

If you are trying to make your money stretch further, you should perhaps launch a slot that has fewer winning paylines. This means that your cost-per-spin is lower to begin with. The more paylines, the higher the cost-per-spin will be, unless you only decide to play for example 10 of the paylines, even though it could have 50 winning paylines. We don’t recommend that you do this though. You should always bet the maximum number of lines available. Therefore you will never miss out.

You are almost ready to play the slot now. As soon as you hit spin, the system will do the rest for you. You just have to hope that matching symbols align across one of the active paylines. If you win, you will instantly be paid and if the reels don’t align to bring in a win, you will simply lose your stake. Most spins take one or two seconds but there are one or two software providers that have a quick spin feature.

This means that you can double click on the spin button and it will eliminate the effect of the spinning reels and will therefore speed up the gameplay. If you need to learn more about what certain symbols do (such as Scatters, Wilds and Bonus symbols), you can hit View Paytable and it will explain everything in here. Alternatively there should be a Help section, Options or Rules tab that will explain how to play the slot in greater detail.